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River Deep, Mountain High

USA (Alaska 60% Canada 40%)
Kenya Cameroon
Mt Rainier
Xanadu (in Coleridge's poem)
Mount Everest
  • Which mountain is known to Sagarnatha in Nepal and Chomalungma in Tibet?

  • Which river carved the Grand Canyon?

  • How is Mount Godwen-Austen now better known?

  • Which of the original Wombles was named after a river?

  • Name the two African countries named after one of their mountains?

  • The majority of the Yukon river lies within which country?

  • Which mountain in the Lake District was considered England's highest until Scafell Pike was accurately measured?

  • Rivers often mark borders.  Which river seperates Croatia from Serbia and Bulgaria from Hungary and Romania?

  • Which volcano in Washington state shares it's name with a late European prince?

  • Where did Alph, the sacred river, run through caverns measureless to man, down to a sunless sea?

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