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Numerical Style TieBreakers

These questions are designed to be used as tie-breakers and as such it's unlikely anybody will know the precise answer.


I'd advise asking each team involved in the tie break to write their answer down to avoid the team going second 'hedging their bets' by simply going one higher or lower than the guess from the first team.


It's also a good idea to have a calculator handy to work our who's closest if both teams are some way off!

How many men have walked on the Moon?                                                                                            12

How many countries drive on the left?                                                                                                     59

How long in miles is Hadrian's Wall?                                                                                                         73

How many chests of tea were thrown in the harbour at the Boston Tea Party?                                274 

How many steps are there in the Statue of Liberty?                                                                              403

How many planes did the Luftwaffe lose in the Battle of Britain?                                                     1733

How many steps are there in the Eiffel Tower?                                                                                    1792

How long, in metres, is Southend pier?                                                                                                 2158

How long in miles is the Moscow - Vladivostok rail journey?                                                             5778 

How many miles of blood vessels are there in the human body?                                                  87,500

How many Post Offices are there in India?                                                                                     280,181

On average, how many people are 'in flight' at any one time?                                                     327,000

How many dollars did the USA pay Russia for Alaska?                                                            $7.2million

How many seconds are there in a year?                                                                                    31,556,926

How many different combinations for the first 4 moves in chess are there?              318,979,564,000


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