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Complete  Quizzes

Here are complete quizzes, usually 10 rounds of 10 questions, with a variety of subjects covered.  You'll see details of the type of quiz and suggested audience, name and description of the rounds, plus an example round underneath.  Included in the zip file are a Word document where each page is split between a quizmaster's set of questions and an answer sheet for your markers, a set of answer sheets for your teams to complete,  slips detailing the names of the rounds and finally a score table to collate scores and declare a winner.  Finally, everything is in a Word or Powerpoint format to allow you to edit the quiz as you see fit, and I'd encourage you to do so to personalise your quiz night.

Complete  Themed Quiz - Colours

Colours Quiz

Quiz type:   






Themed - COLOURS

7 rounds with a colour each - Green, Brown, Purple, Yellow, Red, Blue and Black & White.  In each of those, every question or answer contains either the colour of the round or a shade of that colour.  There is also a music round, a picture round and a Missing Link round.

10 pieces of music where every title contains a colour, eg 99 Red Balloons

10 pictures of people whose name includes a colour, eg Scarlett Johansson

Click here for the 'YELLOW' round

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