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Tie Breakers


The perfect quiz will see a tight battle for top spot, which means that sometimes two teams will finish level and you'll need one more question to decide the winners.


Traditionally this will be a question where the answer is a number, so that you can ask each team to write down their answer and the closest wins.  Writing the answer rather than calling them out avoids the second team just picking one digit higher or lower than the first.  Ideally you need a question where the teams are unlikely to know the precise answer, eg don't ask which year the Battle of Hastings took place!


My preferred method is to give a list of clues that get progressivey easier and invite the teams involved to call out as soon as they know the answer.  Running through a list of characters played on film by top actors or actresses works well here.


Examples of both styles are available on the links below at no charge as you may need to access them in an emergency at the end of a quiz night!  More will be added on a regular basis.

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