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Music Rounds

Audio rounds in MP3 format.  Plus an answer sheet all in a ZIP file

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10 clips of songs with the name of an animal in their name, from The Deerhunter to
What Does the Fox Say

Body Parts

10 clips of songs with a part of the body in each title, from Brothers in Arms to
Hip to be Square

Bodies of Water

10 clips of songs with a body of water in the title, from Rivers of Babylon to
Islands in the Stream


10 clips of songs with something that can fly in every title, from
99 Red Balloons to If I Could turn Back Time

Girls Names

20 clips of songs with a girls name in the title, from 'Eleanor Rigby' to 'Stacy's Mom' via 'Jolene'


REVISED - Now 20 very short clips of music that everyone should know, from the
EastEnders 'doofs' through Bohemian Rhapsody to the theme from Jaws


10 clips of songs with a method of getting from A to B in their name,
from Flight of the Bumblebee to Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Christmas Number Two's

10 clips of songs that got to Number Two in the Singles Charts at Christmas,
from Hoots Mon to Last Christmas


10 clips of songs with a term used in golf in their title, from
Hole in the Ground to Green, Green Grass of Home

La La Land

10 clips of songs where you hear the bits that go 'la la la' from
Is This the Way to Amarillo to Can't Get You Out of my Head

Musicals 1

10 clips of songs from popular musicals, from My Fair Lady to
Fiddler on the Roof

Love Songs

10 clips of songs with the word 'love' in their title, from
On The Wings of Love to You Don't Have to Say You Love Me


10 clips of songs with a number in the title, from 'The One and Only' to
'Nine Million Bicycles'

Water Cannon

10 clips of songs you might hear on a police water cannon, from
'Handel's Water Music' to 'I Fought the Law'


10 clips of songs by acts that started their careers in skiffle music, from
Lonnie Donegan to Led Zeppelin


10 clips of songs with the name of something to do with the weather, from
Don't  the Sun Go Down On Me to the theme from Thunderbirds

Quiz Themes

10 clips of music that have been used as Quiz Show themes

I Heart a Music Round

10 clips of songs with the word Heart in the title, from Wooden Heart to
I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper


10 clips of songs with a colour in the title

One to Ten

10 clips of songs, where the number 1 to 10 is included in either
the name of the song or the artist - from SomeONE to Love by Adele to
Love Me TENder by Elvis via FIVE Colours in her Hair
by McFly.


10 clips of songs where every track has 'Lady' in either the name of the
song or the artist - from Lady Madonna by the Beatles to
Need you Now by Lady Antebellum.

US TV Themes

20 clips of themes from US TV programmes, from Hawaii 50 to Game of Thrones.

Disney Music

Clips from songs from 10 Disney movies - you just need to name the movie.  
From the Jungle book to Frozen.



10  clips of songs with the word 'Summer' in the title, from
Summer Holiday to Summer of 69


Cover Girls

Clips from 10 cover versions, sung by female voices - you just need to identify
the original artist.  From the Bangles covering Simon & Garfunkel to
Olivia Newton-John covering John Denver

Regal Music

Clips from 10 songs with a regal title in their names, like king, queen, prince etc. 
From Dancing Queen to Prince Charming

Things You Wear

Clips from 10 songs with something you wear in their names,
from Blue Suede Shoes to Baggy Trousers

Music Questions

Clips from 10 songs where the title forms a question,
from What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? to Who Let The Dogs Out?


Clips from 10 songs where the title contains a place name,
from Vienna to Pompeii

Songs to Die For

Clips from 10 songs where somebody dies during the song,
from Tell Laura I Love Her to Billy Don't Be A Hero

Hello Hello Hello

10 questions made up of pairs of songs that share a title but are different songs (eg NOT cover versions).  Later questions have three songs or even four.  For example The Power of Love by Huey Lewis & the News, Jennifer Rush and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.  You just need to name the artists

Love and Marriage

Clips from 10 songs related to weddings, including music the bride might walk down the aisle to, plus popular choices for first dance, from
Get Me To The Church On Time to
Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Foreign Titles

Clips from 10 songs with a non-English word in the title, from
Nessun Dorma to Despacito

Songs Not In English

This is the best received music round I've ever run.  10 songs by people you've never heard of, that aren't in English and have never been released in England.  They are foreign language versions of big hit songs, from Johnny Hallyday singing House of the Rising Sun in French to Take a Chance On Me in Indonesian and an amazing Spanish version of Hotel California

BBC Sport Themes

From the days when BBC TV had all the best sport.  Some of these are still in regular use, some haven't been heard for a while.  From the cricket to Ski Sunday via Match of the Day and Fleetwood Mac's theme for Formula 1

One Hit Wonders

Who sang Shaddup Your Face, Kung Fu Fighting and Sugar Sugar? 
10 songs by singers and bands that never hit the
same heights again.

Time For A Drink

10 songs with something to drink in their title.  The first half covers milk, whisky and wine,
the second half has cocktails including a Tequila Sunrise
and a Pina Colada


10 songs with a nationality in their title, from French Kissing in the USA
and Liberian Girl to Spanish Harlem and Walk Like an Egyptian

Days of the Week

10 songs with a day of the week in their title, from Manic Monday to If Tomorrow Never Comes


10 songs with a thoroughfare in their title, from Electric Avenue to Ocean Drive

Mr & Mrs

10 songs with a name beginning Mr or Mrs, from Mr Blue Sky to Mr Tambourine Man via
Mrs Robinson


10 songs with an emotion in their title from Happy Talk to Don't Look Back in Anger


10 songs with either the word 'River' or the name of a river in their title, from
Ferry Cross the Mersey to Orinoco Flow

On Foot

10 songs whose name includes something you can do on foot, from 
Jump to Dance the Night Away


10 songs with a building in their title, from This Ole House to Take Me to Church via
The Windmills of Your Mind


10 songs with a link to Easter in their title, from Rabbit to Easter Parade and
the opening bars of Jesus Christ Superstar

Whistle a Happy Tune

10 songs that include some whistling, from Magic Moments to Games Without Frontiers

Real People

10 songs that include a real person in their title, from Robert DeNiro's Waiting to
Grace Kelly and Bette Davis Eyes


No, not songs with no lyrics, but 10 songs with a musical instrument in their title, from
Mr Tambourine Man to Duelling Banjoes


10 songs that are linked to Halloween or the supernatural, from Thriller to the theme from
The Addams Family

Bonfire Night

10 songs that relate to Bonfire Night, from Firework by Katy Perry to Smoke Gets in your Eyes

Boy's Names

10 songs with a boy's name in each title. from Billy, Don't Be a Hero to Donald, Where's Your Troosers


10 artists that were once Britain or Ireland's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, from Sandie Shaw to Katrina and the Waves

Classic Riffs

10 songs with a classic riff, from Smoke on the Water to Michael Jackson's Beat It.  Some of them are quite short!


10 songs performed by artists duetting, from Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue to David Bowie and Bing Crosby

Letters of the Alphabet

10 songs with a word that sounds like a letter of the alphabet in their title, from Y Can't This Be Love to I Only Want To B With U

Thingy & the Wassnames

10 songs performed by artists whose name is Something and the Things, from Bob Marley and the Wailers to Mike and the Mechanics

Welsh Artists

10 songs sung by Welsh artists, from Tom Jones to Cerys from Catatonia

Bond Themes 1

10 songs used as themes for James Bond movies, from Goldfinger to Skyfall.

Also available as part of Bond Themes Combined below

Bond Themes 2

10 songs used as themes for James Bond movies, from From Russia With Love to No Time To Die.

Also available as part of Bond Themes Combined below

Bond Themes Combined

20 theme songs from James Bond movies

This is a combination of Bond Themes 1 and 2 above


10 songs with the name of a bird in their titles, from Pretty Flamingo to the theme from Woody Woodpecker

Colourful Artists

10 songs by an artist with a colourful name, from Pink Floyd to Maroon 5

Familiar Classics

10 familar pieces of classical music, from the Hamlet Cigar ads to the music used in Alton Towers adverts

One Hit Wonders of the 90s

10 songs by artists who never had the same success again, from Natalie Imbruglia to 4 Non Blondes


10 songs linked to a theme of space, from Space Oddity to Man on the Moon

Top Female Artists

10 songs by the 10 best selling female artists of all time, from Adele to Madonna

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