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February 1st

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Oxford English Dictionary
John Ford
Peter Sallis
Boris Yeltsin
Ayatollah Khomeini
Janet Jackson
Angelo Dundee
The Shard
  • 1884 - The first volume of which book was published, covering A-Ant?

  • 1894 - Which director, born today, won the Oscar for Best Director 4 times, including for The Quiet Man and How Green Was My Valley?

  • 1921 - Which actor, born today, played Cleggy in Last of the Summer Wine and is the voice of Wallace?

  • 1931 - Born today, he was the first President of Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union?

  • 1942 - Who was appointed head of German occupied Norway, his name becoming another word for traitor?

  • 1979 - Who returned to lead Iran after 15 years of exile?

  • 2003 - The 2nd catastrophic loss  of a Space Shuttle occurred when which one disintegrated on re-entry?

  • 2004 - Which singer suffered a 'wardrobe malfunction' during the Half Time show at the Superbowl?

  • 2012 - Which boxing trainer, who died today aged 90, is best known for orking with Muhammed Ali?

  • 2013 - In London, the tallest building in the EU opened.  What is it called?

February 2nd

New York
Robinson Crusoe
James Joyce
Groundhog Day
Brent Spiner
Ken Bruce
Sid Vicious
Alistair Maclean
African National Congress
  • 1653 - New Amsterdam is incorporated.  What is it called now?

  • 1709 - Alexander Selkirk is rescued from a desert island, inspiring which novel?

  • 1882 - Which author, born today, published Ulysses on his 40th birthday?

  • 1887 - Punxsutawney begins an annual festival where a woodchuck predicts the weather, named what?

  • 1899 - Australia, unable to choose between Sydney and Melbourne for capital, decide to build a new one where?

  • 1949 - Which actor, born today, played Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation?

  • 1951 - Which DJ, born today, hosts the Popmaster pop quiz?

  • 1979 - Who was the lead singer of The Sex Pistols, who died today?

  • 1987 - Which Scottish author, who died today, wrote The Guns of Navarone and Where Eagles Dare?

  • 1990 - South African Premier unbans which political party, of which Nelson Mandela was a member?

February  3rd

Woodrow Wilson
Val Doonican
Henning Mankell
Kirsty Wark
Big Bopper & Ritchie Valens
Harold Macmillan
Yasser Arafat
Warwick Davis
Al Pacino
  • 1924 - Who, President of USA throughout World War I, died today?

  • 1927 - Born today in Waterford, this entertainer sang Walk Tall and Paddy McGinty's Goat from a rocking chair?

  • 1948 - Which author, born today in Stockholm, is best known as the reator of Wallander?

  • 1955 - Born today in Dumfries with the first name Kirsten, who has presented Newsnight since 1993?

  • 1958 - How is the financial union between Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourgh known?

  • 1959 - Which two other musicians died in a plane crash alongside Buddy Holly?

  • 1960 - Which British PM spoke of a 'Wind of Change' in Africa as he supported de-colonisation?

  • 1969 - Who was appointed leader of the Palestine Liberation Organisation in Cairo?

  • 1970 - Which actor, born today, played the Ewok, Wicket in Return of the Jedi?

  • 1971 - NYC policeman Frank Serpico is shot during a drugs bust.  Who played him in the 1973 film?

February  4th

George Washington
Spirit of St Louis
Byron Nelson
Dan Quayle
Sri Lanka
Dara O'Briain
  • 1703 - The 47 Ronin committed ritual suicide, after avenging their leader in which country?

  • 1789 - The US Electoral College unanimously chose who as the first President of the USA?

  • 1902 - Born today, Charles Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic in his plane named what?

  • 1912 - Which golfer, bornn today, won 11 straight tournaments in 1945?

  • 1945 - Where did Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin meet during World War II?

  • 1947 - Who, born today and known by his middle name Danforth, was George Bush Sr's Vice-President?

  • 1948 - Ceylon gains independence from the UK.  What is Ceylon called now?

  • 1972 - Which comedian, born today in Co Wicklow, has hosted Mock the Week since 2005?

  • 1992 - Hugo Chavez grabs power in a coup d'etat in which country?

  • 2004 - Mark Zuckerberg founded which company?

February  5th

St Petersburg
United Artists
Jose-Maria Olazabal
Michael Sheen
Patty Hearst
Ben Ainslie
Laker Air
Manuel Noriega
  • 1852 - The Hermitage Museum opened in which Russian city?

  • 1909 - Leo Baekeland, a Belgian chemist, announced the first synthetic plastic, called what?

  • 1919 - Actors Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford founded which film studio?

  • 1939 - Franco became the leader of which European country?

  • 1966 - Which golfer, born today, twice won the Masters and captained the Ryder Cup team at Medinah?

  • 1969 - Which actor, born today, has three times played Tony Blair, as well as David Frost and Brian Clough?

  • 1974 - Which newspaper heiress, kidnapped today, later helped her kidnappers rob a bank?

  • 1977 - Which sailor, born today, won Olympic gold in 5 successive Summer Games?

  • 1982 - Which pioneering budget airline went bust today?

  • 1988 - Which leader of Panama was indicted on charges of drug smuggling and money laundering?

February  6th

James II
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Mike Batt
Kevin Whateley
Treetops Hotel, Kenya
Manchester United
Alan Shepherd
Ronald Reagan
Tony Blair
  • 1685 - Charles II died making his brother the last Catholic monarch of Britain.  What was his name?

  • 1917 - Born today, which former Miss Hungary has been married nine times?

  • 1918 - British women were given the right to vote, provided they were at least how old?

  • 1949 - Who, born today, wrote Bright Eyes, but is best known for his work with the Wombles?

  • 1951 - Which actor, born today in Hexham, came to prominence playing Nev in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet?

  • 1952 - King George VI died in his sleep, where was his daughter and heir at the time?

  • 1958 - The Munich air disaster killed 8 members of which football team?

  • 1971 - Which astronaut hit a golf ball on the Moon?

  • 1998 - Washington National airport was renamed after which former President?

  • 2005 - Who became Labour's longest serving Labour PM, marking 2838 days in office?

February  7th

Prince of Wales
John Deere
Buster Crabbe
Nicolas Cage
Ellen McArthur
  • 1301 - Edward I gave his infant son which title, still given to the heir to the throne to this day?

  • 1497 - Supporters of Girolamo Savonorola burned cosmetics, art and books, known as The Bonfire of the...?

  • 1804 - Born today, who invented the first commercially successful steel plough?

  • 1908 - Which gold medal winning swimmer, born today, went on to play Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers?

  • 1935 - Which board game went on sale, with a format based on Atlantic City, New Jersey?

  • 1940 - What was Disney's 2nd full length animation, released today, about a puppet who wants to be a boy?

  • 1962 - The US banned all import and export activity with which Caribbean country?

  • 1986 - Which Caribbean nation saw it's President, Baby-Doc Duvalier, flee?

  • 1992 - The treaty creating the European Union was signed in which Dutch city?

  • 2005 - Which British sailor completed her solo round the world voyage, in a then record time?

February  8th

Mary, Queen of Scots
Jules Verne
Dmitri Mendeleev
James Dean
Walk of Fame
Gary Coleman
Enoch Powell
  • 1587 - Which monarch was executed after being implicated in the Babington Plot to kill Elizabeth I?

  • 1820 - Which Civil War General, born today, middle name Tecumseh, later had a tank named after him?

  • 1828 - Which French novelist, born today, wrote 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?

  • 1834 - Which Russian chemist, born today, formulated the Periodic Table?

  • 1931 - Which actor, born today, was voted the 18th best in Hollwood history despite being in only 3 films?

  • 1960 - The Queen changed the rules slightly so her descendants will use which double-barrelled surname?

  • 1960 - The first 8 brass stars were installed on which Hollywood landmark?

  • 1968 - Which actor, born today, was known for saying 'Whatchoo talkin' bout Willis' in Different Strokes?

  • 1971 - The world's first electronic stock market opened.  What acronym is it known by?

  • 1998 - Which MP, born today, was sacked as Shadow Defence Secretary after his 'River of Blood' speech?

February  9th

Davis Cup
Carmen Miranda
Jim Laker
Joseph McCarthy
Sandy Lyle
The Beatles
747 - Jumbo Jet
Trevor Francis
Princess Margaret
  • 1895 - William Morgan invents a game he calls Mintonette. Now in the Olympics, how is it now known?

  • 1900 - Which team based tennis competition was established?

  • 1909 - Which Portuguese actress, born today, was known for wearing hats bearing fruit?

  • 1922 - Which cricketer, born today, took 19 wickets in a single Test match against Australia in 1956?

  • 1950 - Which US senator accused the State Department of being full of communists?

  • 1958 - Which golfer, misleadingly born today in England, became the first European winner of the Masters?

  • 1964 - Which British group made their first legendary first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show?

  • 1969 - Which new Boeing airliner was given it's first test flight?

  • 1979 - Nottingham Forest signed the first £1m footballer from Birmingham City.  Who was it?

  • 2002 - Which sister of Queen Elizabeth II died today, aged 71?

February  10th

Wedding March
Boris Pasternak
Harold Macmillan
HMS Dreadnought
Peter Purves
Michael Apted
Glenn Miller
Greg Norman
  • 1840 - Which music was first played at Queen Victoria's marriage to Albert?

  • 1890 - Which author, born today, wrote Dr Zhivago?

  • 1894 - The last British PM to be born in the 19th Century was born today, becoming PM in 1957?

  • 1906 - A new class of battleship was created with the launch of which ship?

  • 1939 - Who, born today, played an early assistant on Doctor Who before joining Blue Peter?

  • 1941 - Who, born today, directed the series of social documentaries that began with 7-Up in 1964?

  • 1942 - The first Gold Record, for Chattanooga Choo-Choo, was presented to whom?

  • 1955 - Which Australian golfer, born today, led all 4 Majors after 3 rounds in 1986?

  • 1996 - The IBM supercoumputer, Deep Blue, beat the reigning world champion at which sport?

  • 2009 - Iridium 33 and Kosmos 2251 collided, destroying both.  What were they?

February  11th

Leslie Nielsen
Dwight D Eisenhower
Deborah Meaden
Margaret Thatcher
John Curry
Frank Herbert
Buster Douglas
Hosni Mubarak
Whitney Houston
  • 1812 - Governor Elbridge Gerry manipulates election results in Massachussetts. a fraud now known as what?

  • 1926 - Which actor, born today, played serious roles before being cast as the doctor in Airplane?

  • 1943 - Which US President was appointed head of the allied forces in Europe?

  • 1959 - Which businesswoman, born today in Taunton, has been on Dragon's Den since 2006?

  • 1975 - Who did the Conservative party choose as their new leader?

  • 1976 - Who won Britain's first Winter Olympic gold medal in figure skating?

  • 1986 - Which author, who died today, was best known for the Dune series?

  • 1990 - In a huge upset, which 40-1 underdog knocked out Mike Tyson in Tokyo?

  • 2011 - The Arab Spring resulted in the resignation of which Egyptian President after 30 years?

  • 2012 - Which hugely succcessful female pop star drowned in her bath in Beverly Hills?

February  12th

  • 1554 - Which great grand-daughter of Henry VII was executed after 9 days as Queen?

  • 1809 - Born today, the same day as Abraham Lincoln, this naturalist wrote On the Origin of Species in 1859?

  • 1881 - Which ballerina, born today, had a dessert named after her on a tour of New Zealand and Australia?

  • 1915 - Which acto, born today, was best known as Ben Cartwright in Bonanza?

  • 1924 - Gershwin's Experiment in Music, debuted today, contained which colourful composition?

  • 1929 - Which actress, who died today, was best known as thhe mistress of the future King Edward VII?

  • 1963 - Construction began on the 192m high Gateway Arch of which city?

  • 1969 - Darren Aronofsky, born today, directed which psychological thriller set in a New York ballet company?

  • 1994 - Which iconic painting was stolen from the National Gallery of Norway?

  • 2000 - Charles Schulz, who died today, wrote which long running comic strip?

Lady Jane Grey
Charles Darwin
Anna Pavlova
Lorne Greene
Rhapsody in Blue
Lily Langtry
St Louis
Black Swan
The Scream

February  13th

Catherine Howard
Georges Simenon
Chuck Yeager
Kim Novak
Peter Gabriel
Anna Ford
Waylon Jennings
  • 1542 - Henry VIIIs fifth wife was executed for adultery.  Who was she?

  • 1692 - 78 members of the MacDonald clan were massacred for not supporting William III.  Where?

  • 1903 - Which Belgian author, born today, wrote the Maigret books?

  • 1923 - Which USAF pilot, born today, became the first pilot to break the sound barrier in level flight?

  • 1933 - Which actress, born today, was best known for her dual role in Vertigo?

  • 1945 - The RAF began a huge bombardment of which German pottery producing city?

  • 1950 - Which musician, born today, was the original lead singer of Genesis?

  • 1978 - Which Tomorrow's World presenter was announced as the first female newsreader on ITN?

  • 1984 - Konstantin Chernenko became the President of which country?

  • 2002 - Which country singer, who died today, gave up his seat on the flight that killed Buddy Holly?

February  14th

James Cook
Great Ormond Street
Ferris Wheel
Jimmy Hoffa
Lois Maxwell
Torvill and Dean
Salman Rushdie
  • 1779 - Which explorer was kiled by natives on Kealakekua on Hawaii?

  • 1852 - The first hospital to provide beds specifically for children opened on which London street?

  • 1859 - George Ferris, born today, invented what?

  • 1913 - Which union leader, with the middle name Riddle, left a riddle when he disappeared in 1975?

  • 1927 - Which acctress, born today in Ontario, was best known as Miss Moneypenny in the Bond films?

  • 1929 - The St Valentine's Day Massacre took place in which city?

  • 1946 - What significant change took place at the Bank of England?

  • 1984 - Which couple won Ice Dancing gold at the Sarajevo Winter Olympics?

  • 1989 - Iran issues a fatwa ordering the killing of which British author?

  • 2005 - Which video sharing website was founded today?

February  15th

Galileo Galilei
Ernest Shackleton
The Joker
Herbert Asquith
Matt Groenig
Nat King Cole
It became decimal
Richard Feynman
  • 1564 - Which Italian, born today, discovered the 4 largest moons of Jupiter?

  • 1874 - Which Antarctic explorer, born today, was buried on the Falklands after dying there?

  • 1907 - Cesar Romero, born today, was best known for playing which villainous character?

  • 1928 - Which Liberal politician, who died today, was PM at the outbreak of World War I?

  • 1954 - Which cartoonist, born today, named Marge and Homer Simpson after his parents?

  • 1965 - Which jazz singer, who died today, featured on a posthumous duet with his daughter, Natalie?

  • 1965 - Which country replaced the Union Flag with a design including part of a tree?

  • 1971 - What happened to the currency in the UK today?

  • 1988 - Which theoretical physicist, who died today, was best known for his work on quantum mechanics?

  • 1989 - The USSR declares that all of it's troops have left which country?

February  16th

June Brown
Iain Banks
Fidel Castro
John McEnroe
Christopher Eccleston
Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
  • 1852 - The Studebakers, later car builders, began making which item that also required horsepower?

  • 1923 - Howard Carter unsealed the tomb of which Egyptian Pharaoh?

  • 1927 - Which actress, best known as Dot Cotton in EastEnders, was born today?

  • 1937 - Wallace Carruthers of DuPont Chemicals received a patent for which now-ubiquitous material?

  • 1957 - The Toddlers Truce was abolished in the UK.  What had that previously banned between 6 and 7pm?

  • 1954 - Which Scottish author, born today, added a middle initial 'M', when publishing sci-fi?

  • 1959 - Which communist dictator took power in Cuba?

  • 1959 - Which left-handed tennis player, who won 7 Grand Slams, was born in Germany?

  • 1964 - Which actor, born today, starred in Doctor Who on it's return to TV in 1965?

  • 2006 - The US Army deactivated it's last M*A*S*H unit.  What did the acronym stand for?

February  17th

The Red Cross
Madam Butterfly
Patricia Routledge
Ruth Rendell
Barry Humphries
Volkswagen Beetle
Rebecca Adlington
Ed Sheeran
Congestion Charge
  • 1864 - Citizens of Geneva founded a Commitee for Relief for the Wounded.  What is it called now?

  • 1904 - Which Puccini opera opened to poor reviews at La Scala, Milan?

  • 1929 - Which actress, born today, is best known for Hyacinth Bucket and Hetty Wainthrop?

  • 1930 - Which author, born today, was best known for creating Inspector Wexford?

  • 1933 - The Blaine Act begins repeal of the 18th Amendment and ending what?

  • 1934 - Which comedian, born today, portrays Sir Les Patterson and Dame Edna Everage?

  • 1972 - Cumulutaive sales of which European car exceeded those of the Model T Ford?

  • 1989 - Which swimmer, born today, won 2 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

  • 1991 - Born today, which singer's first two albums are called + and X?

  • 2003 - The City of London introduced what as a means of reducing traffic?

February  18th

Huckleberry Finn
Enzo Ferrari
Len Deighton
Jean M Auel
Dr Dre
Hunting with Dogs
  • 1885 - Mark Twain published the sequel to The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, who was in the title this time?

  • 1898 - Which Italian, born today, founded a racing team and subsequently a car manufacturer?

  • 1929 - Which author, born today, wrote spy fiction including the Game, Set & Match trilogy?

  • 1936 - Who, born today, wrote the Earth's Children series, beginning with Clan of the Cave Bear?

  • 1954 - L Ron Hubbard established the first church of which religion in Los Angeles?

  • 1965 - The rapper and producer, Andre Young was born in California.  How is he better known?

  • 1969 - Maurice Gibb of the BeeGees married which Scottish singer?

  • 1977 - The Space Shuttle test vehicle made it's maiden flight from the back of a 747.  What was it called?

  • 1979 - Which etreme triathlon debuted on Hawaii with a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile cycle and a marathon?

  • 2005 - Which traditional countryside activity was outlawed in England and Wales?

February  19th

Nicholas Copernicus
New York
Lee Marvin
Karen Silkwood
Helen Fielding
Bon Scott
  • 1473 - Which Polish astronomer, born today, first suggested the Earth orbits the Sun?

  • 1674 - As part of the treaty ending the 3rd Anglo-Dutch War, New Amsterdam was renamed what?

  • 1924 - Which tough guy actor, born today, reached No1 with Wandrin' Star in 1969?

  • 1946 - Which chemical technician, born today, was played by Meryl Streep in the biopic about her?

  • 1958 - Which author, born today, wrote the Bridget Jones novels?

  • 1959 - The UK granted independence to which Mediterranean island?

  • 1968 - The High Court awarded damages to babies born to mothers who took which morning sickness drug?

  • 1980 - Which singer, who died today, was the original frontman of AC/DC?

  • 1985 - Which new soap, originally aired three days a week, debuted on BBC1?

  • 1997 - Deng Xiaoping died aged 92, having been a reforming leader of which country?

February  20th

New York
Swan Lake
Richard Matheson
Sidney Poitier
Gordon Brown
John Glenn
Kurt Cobain
Hunter S Thompson
  • 1872 - The Metropolitan Museum of Art opened in which city?

  • 1877 - Which of Tchaikovsky's ballets debuted at the Bolshoi?

  • 1926 - Born today, this author is best known for I Am Legend?

  • 1927 - Which actor, born today, was the first African-American to win the Oscar for Best Actor?

  • 1951 - Which MP, born today, became Prime Minster after serving 10 years as Chancellor of the Exchequer?

  • 1962 - Which astronaut today became the first American to orbit the Earth?

  • 1967 - Who, born today, was best known as the lead singer of Nirvana?

  • 1986 - The Soviet Union launched which satellite, which would remain in orbit for 15 years?

  • 1988 - Born today in Barbados, what is Robin Fenty's middle name that she uses as her stage name?

  • 2005 - Which gonzo journalist, who died today, wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?

February  21st

Communist Manifesto
Washington Monument
Jilly Cooper
Anthony Daniels
ID cards
Malcolm X
Charlotte Church
  • 1613 - Which dynasty, which would last until 1917, began with Mikhail I in Imperial Russia?

  • 1848 - Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels published which political pamphlet?

  • 1855 - Which monument, the tallest obelisk in the world, was dedicated today?

  • 1937 - Which author, born today, is best known for the books in her Rutshire Chronicles?

  • 1946 - Which actor, born today, is the only person to appear in every Star Wars movie, as C-3PO?

  • 1952 - The British Government, aiming to set the people free, abolish what?

  • 1965 - Which human rights activist was assassinated by members of the Nation of Islam?

  • 1986 - Which classical singer, born today, released her first album, Voice of an Angel in 1998?

  • 1995 - Which American adventurer landed in Canada, completing the first solo Pacific crossing by balloon?

  • 2001 - The EC bans all British milk, meat and livestock exports after an outbreak of which disease?

February  22nd

Amerigo Vespucci
Frederick Chopin
Robert Baden-Powell
Frank Woolworth
Girl Guides
8' 11"
Bruce Forsyth
Robert Kardashian
Dolly Parton
  • 1512 - Which Italian explorer, who died today, had a new super-continent  named after him?

  • 1810 - Which Polish composer, who wrote primarily  for a solo piano, was born?

  • 1819 - Under the terms of the Adams-Onis treaty, the US paid Spain $5 million for which state?

  • 1857 - Which soldier, born today, took part in the Siege of Mafeking before founding the Scout Movement?

  • 1879 - Who opened his first 5 and Dime store in Utica, New York?

  • 1889 - Born today, Olave Baden-Powell was head of which organisation?

  • 1918 - Robert Wadlow, born today, reached what height as the Tallest Human ever?

  • 1928 - Which entertainer, born today, first performed as Boy Bruce, The Mighty Atom?

  • 1944 - Which attorney, born today, was part of OJ Simpson's defence team and had three daughters?

  • 1997 - An adult sheep was cloned in Scotland from a mammary gland cell, and named after which singer?

February  23rd

Gutenberg Bible
Samuel Pepys
The Alamo
Enola Gay
Majel Barrett
Iwo Jima
Emily Blunt
James Herriott
  • 1455 - The first western book with moveable type was published today.  How is it known?

  • 1633 - Which diarist, born today, was best known for chronicling the Great Fire of London?

  • 1836 - Which pivotal battle in the Texas Revolution begna today, featuring Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett?

  • 1903 - which island leased Guantanamo Bay to the United States in perpetuity?

  • 1915 - Paul Tibbetts, born today, flew the mission that bombed Hiroshima.  What was his mother's name?

  • 1932 - Which actress, born today, was the voice of the computers in Star Trek and Gene Roddenberry's wife?

  • 1945 - A famous picture was taken of US Marines raising the US Flag on which Pacific island?

  • 1954 - The first mass inoculation began, using the Salk vaccine against which disease?

  • 1983 - Which actress, born today, has appeared in The Devil Wears Prada, Young Victoria & Edge of Tomorrow?

  • 1995 - Which author, who died today, titled his novels using lines from All Things Bright and Beautiful?

February  24th

Gregorian Calendar
Nazi Party
Jean Alexander
Brian Close
Denis Law
Sid Meier
Steve Jobs
Bobby Moore
Dennis Weaver
  • 1582 - Pope Gregory announced a 0.002% correction to the existing system.  What was it called?

  • 1920 - Which political party was founded today by Anton Drexler?

  • 1926 - Born today in Liverpool, this actress wsa best known as Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street?

  • 1931 - Which cricketer, born today, played for England in 4 different decades?

  • 1940 - Who, born today, played for Man Utd for 11 years, but scored the goal that relegated them in 1974?

  • 1946 - Colonel Juan Peron was elected President of which country?

  • 1954 - Which computer programmer, born today, is best known for the Civilization series of games?

  • 1955 - Which entrepreneur, born today, was a primary investor and CEO of Pixar?

  • 1993 - Which footballer, whose statue stands outside Wembley Stadium, died today?

  • 2006 - Which actor, who died today, was best known as the cowboy hat-wearing detective, McCloud?

February  25th

John Dulles
Aircraft Carrier
David Puttnam
Elkie Brooks
Cassius Clay
Warsaw Pact
Sir Don Bradman
  • 1888 - Which US Secretary of State, born today, had Washington's international airport named after him?

  • 1932 - Adolf Hitler became a German citizen by naturalization.  Which country was he born in?

  • 1933 - USS ranger was launched, the first US Navy vessel used solely as what?

  • 1941 - Which producer, born today, made films including Chariots of Fire, Memphis Belle and The Killing Fields?

  • 1945 - Which singer, born today as Elaine Bookbinder, sang Pearl's  Singer and No More The Fool?

  • 1954 - Gamal Abdul Nasser became premier of which African country?

  • 1964 - Which 22 year old boxer beat Sonny Liston to become the World Heavyweight Boxing Champion?

  • 1986 - Cori Aquino became the first female President of which Asian country?

  • 1991 - The Eastern bloc equivalent of NATO was disbanded.  What was it called?

  • 2001 - Which cricketer, who died today, finished his career with a Test batting average of 99.94?

February  26th

Victor Hugo
Levi Strauss
Fanny Craddock
Earth Song
Female Vicars
World Trade Centre
Wendy Richard
  • 1802 - Which author, born today, wrote Les Miserables?

  • 1815 - Napoleon escapes from his first prison island.  Which island was it?

  • 1829 - Born today in bavaria, who founded the first company to sell blue jeans?

  • 1909 - Born today as Phyllis Peachy, was a TV chef usually seen with her husband Johnny?

  • 1914 - The sister ship of RMS Titanic was launched in Belfast and named what?

  • 1935 - Adolf hitler violates the Versailles treaty by reforming which arm of the military?

  • 1971 - UN Secretary-General U Thant declared the Vernal Equinox as the first annual celebration of what?

  • 1987 - The General Synod of the Church of England vote comprehensively in favour of what?

  • 1993 - A truck bomb explodes in the underground car park of which New York building?

  • 2009 - Which actress, who died today, played Miss Brahms in Are You Being Served?

February  27th

Henry Longfellow
Joanne Woodward
Elizabeth Taylor
Paddy Ashdown
2 Four Year Terms
Steve Harley
George HW Bush
Spike Milligan
Leonard Nimoy
  • 1807 - Which poet, born today, wrote Paul Revere's Ride and Song of Hiawatha?

  • 1930 - Which actress, born today, was married to Paul Newman?

  • 1932 - Born today, this actress' breakthrough role was as Velvet Brown in National Velvet?

  • 1933 - Which Berlin building was burnt down, probably by the Nazis?

  • 1941 - Which politician, born today with the first name Jeremy, led the Liberal Democrat party for 11 years?

  • 1951 - The 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution passed, limiting Presidents to what?

  • 1951 - Which singer-songwriter, born today, is best known for his work with Cockney Rebel?

  • 1991 - Which US President declared 'Kuwait is liberated'?

  • 2002 - Which comedian, who died today, wrote Adolf Hitler: My Part in his Downfall?

  • 2015 - Which actor, who died today, appeared in Mission Impossible and Fringe as well as Star Trek?

February  28th

Tightrope Walking
Harry S Corbett
Olof Palme
Benedit XV
  • 1784 - John Wesley chartered which church?

  • 1824 - Charles Blondin was born.  What was he famous for doing at Niagara Falls?

  • 1883 - The first of which style of variety theatre opened in Boston?

  • 1900 - The siege of which town was lifted after 118 days in the Second Boer War?

  • 1925 - Born today in Burma, which comic actor was the Son in Steptoe and Son?

  • 1940 - Fordham University vs University of Pittsburgh was the first televised game in which sport?

  • 1953 - James Watson and Francis Crick tell friends they have discovered the chemical structure of what?

  • 1983 - The final episode of which TV series was watched by 106 million in the USA?

  • 1986 - Which Prime Minister of Sweden was assassinated?

  • 2013 - Which pope resigned, the first to do so since 1415?

February  29th

St Petersburg
Nothing - 1900 not a leap year
Pat Garrett
Dinah Shore
Joss Ackland
Gone With The Wind
Sir Dave Brailsford
Pierre Trudeau
Davy Jones
  • 1892 - Which Florida city, named after a Russian city, was incorporated today?

  • 1900 - Name anything that happened today?

  • 1908 - Which Old West lawman, who died today, was best known for killing Billy the Kid?

  • 1916 - Born today, who sang Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo and The Best Things in Life are Free?

  • 1928 - Which actor, born today, appeared in Lethal Weapon 2, White Mischief and the original version of Evita?

  • 1940 - Hattie McDaniel became the first African-American Oscar winner for her role in which film?

  • 1964 - Born today, this coach is credited with transforming the fortunes of the GB Cycling Team?

  • 1984 - Which Canadian PM resigned, 31 years before his son took up the post?

  • 1996 - The siege was finally lifted in which Bosnian city?

  • 2012 - Which singer, who died today, was in an early episode of Coronation St before joining The Monkees?

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