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January 1st - New Years Day

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Rio de Janeiro
Betsy Ross
Travellers Cheques
The Times
EM Forster
Manchester Ship Canal
J Edgar Hoover
Times Square
Rocky Graziano
Verne Troyer
Fred West
Christopher Martin-Jenkins
  • 1502 - The Portuguese first explore the area which became which city, named January River in Portuguese?

  • 1752 - Born today, which American seamstress is credited with designing the US flag?

  • 1722 - Which new way to take money abroad is introduced in London?

  • 1788 - The newspaper The Daily Universal Register changes it's name to what?  

  • 1801 - The United Kingdom comes into being.  It's full name was one word shorter then than it is now, which              word has been added?

  • 1879 - Born today, this novelist wrote Howard's End and A Passage to India

  • 1894 - Which waterway, running from the Mersey estuary through Cheshire and Lancashire opens today?  

  • 1895 - Born today, he founded the FBI in 1935 and remained it's Director until he died in 1972?

  • 1908 - Dropping a ball to signify the start of the New Year begins in which New York landmark?

  • 1919 - Born today, this unbeaten boxer was the subject of the biopic Somebody Up There Likes Me?

  • 1934 - Which island in San Francisco Bay becomes a prison?  

  • 1958 - The EU is formed.  What was it's original name?

  • 1969 - Which actor, born today, played Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies?

  • 1995 - Which serial killer hangs himself in his cell?

  • 2013 - Which cricket commentator, known by his initials CMJ, died today?                   

January 2nd

Choosing a Papal name
Isaac Asimov
Ronald Reagan
News of the World
55 mph
Yorkshire Ripper
Dick Emery
Frank Muir
  • 533 - Mercurius becomes Pope and starts a new tradition by doing what?

  • 1860 - The discovery of which new planet is announced, although later rescinded?

  • 1920 - Which author, born today, was best known for his Robot and Foundation series of novels?

  • 1967 - Which former actor becomes Governor of California?

  • 1969 - Rupert Murdoch buys his first UK newspaper.  Which title was it?

  • 1971 - A disaster at which Scottish football ground kills 61 people?

  • 1974 - In the midst of the OPEC oil embargo, the US speed limit is reduced to what speed?

  • 1981 - The serial rapist Peter Sutcliffe is arrested.  How was he known to the Press?

  • 1983 - Which comedian, who died today, used the catchphrase Ooh you are awful, but I like you?

  • 1998 - Which comedy writer, who died today, was a long-standing captain on Call My Bluff?

January  3rd

Martin Luther
Josiah Wedgewood
Clement Attlee
JRR Tolkien
Victor Borge
Benito Mussolini
Sergio Leone
FTSE 100
  • 1521 - Which German Protestant was ex-communicated by Pope Leo X?

  • 1795 - Which English potter, who died today, was credited with industrialising the production of pottery?

  • 1883 - Which MP, born today, won the first election after World War II in 1945?

  • 1892 - Which author, born today, set his fantasy novels in Middle Earth?

  • 1909 - Born Borge Rosenbaum in Denmark, he was best known for his mix of music and comedy?

  • 1925 - Who declared himself dictator of Italy in 1925?

  • 1929 - Which Italian, born today, directed the Spaghetti Westerns starring Clint Eastwood?

  • 1959 - Which became the 49th state of the USA?

  • 1984 - Which share index was launched in London with an arbritary starting value of 1000?

  • 2000 - The last original strip from which series was published after 17897 editions?

January  4th

Charles I
Louis Braille
Isaac Pitman
Samuel Colt
12 Years a Slave
James Bond
TS Eliot
The Old Bailey
Donald Campbell
  • 1642 - Which English King ordered the arrest of his MPs, starting the slide towards Civil War?

  • 1809 - Which Frenchman, born today, invented the series of raised dots for the blind to read?

  • 1813 - Which Englishman, born today, invented the most popular form of shorthand?

  • 1847 - Which inventor sold his first rifle to the the US Government today?

  • 1853 - Solomon Northrup regained his freedom.  Which film told his story?

  • 1900 - Born today, this American ornithologist had his name 'borrowed' for a fictional spy?

  • 1965 - Which playwright and poet, with the middle name Stearns, died today?

  • 1972 - Rose Helbron becomes the first female judge to sit in which court?

  • 1967 - Who died on Coniston Water, trying to beat his own water speed record?

  • 2010 - The world's tallest building officially opened.  What is it called?

January  5th

Edward the Confessor
Opera House
X Rays
George Reeves
Walter Mondale
Umberto Eco
Golden Gate Bridge
Bradley Cooper
Sonny Bono
  • 1066 - Which king died childless, the crisis of succession leading to the Norman Invasion?

  • 1875 - The Palais Garnier is inaugurated in Paris.  What type of building is it?

  • 1896 - Wilhelm Rontgen discovers a new type of radiation that he called Rontgen Rays.  What do we call it?

  • 1914 - Which actor, born today, became the first to play Superman on TV?

  • 1928 - Which politician, born today, became Jimmy Carter's Vice President in 1976?

  • 1932 - Which Italian author, born today, wrote The Name of the Rose and Focault's Pendulum?

  • 1937 - Which bridge, now the most photographed in the world, opened today?

  • 1975 - Which actor, born today, was Oscar nominated 2 years running for films with American in the title?

  • 1998 - Which singer/congressman died today in a skiing accident?

  • 2014 - Which Portuguese footballer, who won the Golden Boot at the 1966 World Cup, died today?

January  6th

Anne of Cleeves
South Sea Bubble
John DeLorean
Bob Holness
Mother Teresa
Pan Am
Angus Deayton
Nigella Lawson
Tonya Harding
  • 1540 - Henry VIII marries his 4th wife.  Who was she?

  • 1721 - An inquiry begins into the collapse of which joint stock company , meant to trade with Sth America?

  • 1907 - Which school for working class children opened in Rome, founding an education method?

  • 1925 - Which US businessman, born today, opened a car factory in Northern Ireland?

  • 1928 - Which quiz show host, born today, once played James Bond in a radio production of Moonraker?

  • 1929 - Anjeze Bojaxhu, began her missionary work in Calcutta.  How is she better known?

  • 1947 - The first scheduled round the world flight flew, with which now defunct airline?

  • 1956 - Which actor, born today, was the original presenter of Have I Got News For You?

  • 1960 - Which daughter of a politician, born today, wrote How to be a Domestic Goddess?

  • 1994 - Skater Nancy Kerrigan is clubbed on the knee before the Olympics, by who?

January  7th

Galileo Galilei
Gas Balloon
Gerard Durrell
Andre Maginot
Battle of the Bulge
Nicolas Cage
Nick Clegg
Magnus Magnusson
Charlie Hebdo
  • 1610 - The 4 largest moons of Jupier were spotted today by which Italian astronomer?

  • 1785 - Jean-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries travelled from Dover to Calais by which form of transport?

  • 1925 - Born today in India, this naturalist wrote My Family and Other Animals?

  • 1932 - Which French civil servant, who died today, advocated a series of forts along the German border?

  • 1945 - Field Marshal Montgomery claimed the credit for victory in which major battle?

  • 1964 - Born today in Long Beach, this actor's real surname is Coppola, being Francis Ford's nephew?

  • 1967 - Which Sheffield MP, born today, was Deputy PM in the 2010 coalition government?

  • 1989 - Akihito took over the as Emperor of Japan and sits on which throne?

  • 2007 - Which Icelandic journalist, best known for presenting Mastermind, died today?

  • 2015 - The offices of which French satirical magazine were attacked by terrorists?

January  8th

State of the Union
Eli Whitney
William Hartnell
Ron Moody
Elvis Presley
Shirley Bassey
Queen Mary 2
  • 1697 - Thomas Aikenhead is the last to be executed for what, having referred to the Bible as Ezra's Fables?

  • 1735 - The opera Ariodante opens in Covent Garde.  Who composed it?

  • 1790 - George Washington delivered the first instance of which annual address?

  • 1825 - Who was the inventor of the cotton gin, who died today in New Haven, Connecticut?

  • 1908 - Which actor, born today, was the first to play the Doctor in Doctor Who?

  • 1924 - Which actor, born today, was best known as Fagin the musical Oliver?

  • 1935 - Who, born today in Tupelo, Mississippi, became the biggest selling solo artist in music history?

  • 1937 - Which singer, born today, is the only person to sing more than one James Bond theme?

  • 1940 - Which wartime measure, introduced today, continued at least in part until July 1954?

  • 2004 - Which ocean liner, the biggest ever built and Cunard's flagship, was launched today?

January  9th

Income Tax
St Paul's Cathedral
Safety Lamp
Richard Nixon
Ottoman Empire
Wilbur Smith
Anthony Eden
Sarah Beeny
Michael Heseltine
Tony Bullimore
  • 1799 - Pitt the Younger introduces a temporary meaure to finance Napoleonic Wars.  What was it?

  • 1806 - The state funeral of Admiral Lord Nelson culminated in his burial where?

  • 1816 - Sir Humphrey Davy tested which new device to improve the safety of miners?

  • 1913 - Which US President, born today, became the only man to resign the office?

  • 1916 - The Battle of Gallipoli concluded.  Who won?

  • 1933 - Which author, born today in Zambia, specialized in historical fiction based in Southern Africa?

  • 1957 - Which British PM resigned after his failure to retake the Suez Canal from Egypt?

  • 1972 - Which property developer, born today, is best known for presenting C4s Property Ladder?

  • 1986 - Which Defence Secretary resigned over the Westland Affair?

  • 1997 - Which yachtsman was found after 5 days in his capsized yacht in the Southern Ocean?

January  10th

Tube Train
Standard Oil
Buffalo Bill
The Moon
Coco Chanel
Sir Clive Sinclair
  • 49BC - Julius Caesar crosses which river, starting a war and coining a phrase?

  • 1810 - Napoleon divorced his first wife, what was her name?

  • 1863 - The world's oldest what opened between Farringdon and Paddington in London

  • 1870 - John D Rockefeller incorporated which company, which later spawned Esso, Mobil and Chevron?

  • 1917 - William Cody, a scout and showman died.  How was he better known?

  • 1920 - The treaty of this French city took effect, officially ending the First World War?

  • 1929 - The first book in which long running series was published in Belgium?

  • 1946 - The US Army successfully conduct Project Diana, bouncing radio waves off what?

  • 1971 - Which fashion designer, who died today, is credited with inventing the little black dress?

  • 1985 - Which inventor unveiled his C5, an electric tricycle?

January  11th

Carroll Shelby
Arthur Scargill
Richmal Crompton
Open University
  • 1787 - William Herschel discovered Titania and Oberon, moons of which planet?

  • 1919 - Romania reincorporated the region used by Bram Stoker as the birthplace of Dracula?

  • 1922 - Which naturally occurring hormone was first used in the treatment of diabetes?

  • 1923 - Born today, this American racing driver's name lives on in special editions of Ford Mustangs?

  • 1938 - Which Yorkshireman, born today, was President of the National Miner's Union 1982-2002? 

  • 1946 - Enver Hoxha declared himself the head of which European country?

  • 1969 - Best known for her Just William books, this author died today?

  • 1972 - East Pakistan changed it's name to what?

  • 1973 - The designated hitter rule was adopted in which sport?

  • 1973 - The first degrees were awarded by which distance learning establishment?

January  12th

  • 1895 - Which conservation organisation, founded today, is now one of Britain's biggest landowners?

  • 1952 - Which New Zealand athlete, born today, was the first to run 100 sub 4 minute miles?

  • 1959 - Which Spanish caves, now a major tourist attraction, were discovered?

  • 1962 - Operation Chopper began, the first US combat activity of which conflict?

  • 1964 - Born today, who is the CEO of Amazon?

  • 1970 - Which seccessionist state surrendered, being subsumed back into Nigeria?

  • 1976 - Which novelist, who died today, sold the most fictional books in the world?

  • 1982 - Mark Thatcher went missing in the Sahara Desert during which rally?

  • 2001 - Who was appointed England football manager, the first foreigner to do so?

  • 2010 - A catastrophic earthquake caused major damage to Port-au-Prince, capital of which island?

National Trust
John Walker
Caves of Nerja
Vietnam War
Jeff Bezos
Agatha Christie
Paris - Dakar
Sven Goran Eriksson

January  13th

Emile Zola
Michael Bond
Wyatt Earp
Ejector Seat
Orlando Bloom
Harold Shipman
Costa Concordia
  • 1898 - The Dreyfus Affair is exposed by whose newspaper article, J'accuse?

  • 1926 - Which author, born today, created Paddington Bear?

  • 1929 - Whcih legendary American lawman died, aged 80?

  • 1942 - A German test pilot tried out which new safety device for fighter planes?

  • 1960 - What were the Soviet forced labour camps, abolished today, called?

  • 1964 - Karol Wojtyla, the future Pope John Paul II, was appointed archbishop of which Polish city?

  • 1968 - Johnny Cash recorded his famous live album at which Sacramento prison?

  • 1977 - Which actor, born today, is best known as Legolas in Lord of the Rings and Will Turner in Pirates?

  • 2004 - Which GP, believed to have killed more than 200 patients, was found hanged in his cell?

  • 2012 - Which cruise ship capsized off the coast of Italy?

January  14th

Edmund Halley
Greyfriars Bobby
Warren Mitchell
Richard Briers
Travel by aeroplane
Bill Werbeniuk
Matt Busby
Dave Grohl
  • 1742 - Which astronomer died today, 17 years before 'his' comet returned, exactly as he'd predicted?

  • 1872 - Which Skye Terrier died today after 14 years guarding the grave of his owner?

  • 1926 - Which actor, born today, was best known for playing the bigoted Alf Garnett?

  • 1933 - Which cricketing scandal peaked when Bill Woodfull was hit over the heart?

  • 1934 - Which comedy actor, born today, narrated Roobarb & Custard and All Aboard the Skylark?

  • 1943 - FDR travelled from Miami to Casablanca to meet Churchill, making him the first President to do what?

  • 1947 - Which Canadian snooker player, born today, was known for drinking 30-50 pints of lager per day?

  • 1953 - Which leader of the Partizans in World War II became President of Yugoslavia today?

  • 1969 - Who resigned as Manchester United manager after 24 years in charge?

  • 1969 - Which musician, born today, was Nirvana's drummer and founded the Foo Fighters?

January  15th

Notre Dame
The Pentagon
  • 1844 - Which Indiana university, named after a Paris cathedral, received it's charter today?

  • 1870 - A political cartoon uses which animal to represent the Democrats, their symbol ever since?

  • 1889 - The Pemberton Medicine Company is incorporated.  How is it better known today?

  • 1892 - the first rules of which sport were published by James Naismith?

  • 1943 - The largest office building in the world opened in Arlington, Virginia.  What is it called?

  • 1967 - Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 in the first playing of what?

  • 1981 - Which Polish trade union organisation, led by Lech Walesa, visits Pope John Paul II?

  • 1997 - Princess Diana caused a diplomatic fuss by calling for a worldwide ban on what?

  • 2001 - Which free online encyclopedia went online today?

  • 2009 - Captain Chesley Sullenberger landed his plane, stricken by bird strikes, on which river?

January  16th

Julius Caesar
Ivan the Terrible
Eric Liddell
League of Nations
Gorillas in the Mist
Bernard Lee
  • 27BC - The Roman Empire begins when who is declared Caesar?

  • 1547 - Who was appointed the first Tsar of all the Russias?

  • 1707 - Which country Parliament ratified the Act of Union?

  • 1902 - Born today, this athlete turned missionary was the subject of Chariots of Fire?

  • 1920 - The forerunner of the United Nations held it's first council in Paris.  What was it called then?

  • 1932 - Dian Fossey, a zoologist and anthropologist born today, was the subject of which film?

  • 1979 - Mohammed Reza Pahlavi fled Iran.  What title had he held since 1945?

  • 1981 - Which actor, who died today, was the first actor to play M in the James Bond movies?

  • 2001 - The oil tanker, Jessica, ran aground, threatening which ecologically important islands?

  • 2003 - Which Space Shuttle took off today on it's final, ill-fated mission?

January  17th

David Lloyd-George
Nevile Shute
James Earl Jones
Gary Gilmore
Desert Storm
Clinton - Lewinsky
  • 1377 - Pope Gregory XI moves the papacy back to Rome from which French city?

  • 1863 - Born today, who was the only Welsh Prime Minister of Britain?

  • 1899 - Which author, born today, was best known for A Town Like Alice and On The Beach?

  • 1912 - Captain Robert Scott reaches the South Pole.  What was his middle name?

  • 1929 - Which spinach loving cartoon character, created by EC Segar, made his first appearance?

  • 1931 - Which actor, born today, provided the voice of both Darth Vader and Mufasa from The Lion King?

  • 1977 - A 10 year moratorium on executions in the USA ends with the death by firing squad of whom?

  • 1991 - The operation to liberate Kuwait begins under which name?

  • 1995 - Which Japanese city was devastated by an earthquake?

  • 1998 - The Drudge Report breaks the story of which Presidential scandal?

January  18th

Hawaiian Islands
Botany Bay
Oliver Hardy
Cary Grant
Plane landing on boat
Raymond Briggs
Rudyard Kipling
Boston Strangler
Airbus A380
  • 1778 - James Cook discovers which Pacific islands, which he calls the Sandwich Islands?

  • 1788 - The first convicts arrive at which Australian bay?

  • 1892 - Which actor, born today in Georgia, was best known for his comedy double act with Stan Laurel?

  • 1904 - Born in Bristol as Archibald Leach, this actor is best known for An Affair to Remember?

  • 1911 - Eugene Ely lands his plane on USS Pennsylvania, the first example of what?

  • 1919 - Which car manufacturer, founded today, makes the Arnage, Continental and Mulsanne models?

  • 1934 - This author and illustrator, born today, is best known for The Snowman and When the Wind Blows?

  • 1936 - Which author, who died today, wrote novels such as The Man Who Would Be King and poems like If?

  • 1967 - Alberto DeSalvo was convicted of murdering 13 women in Boston.  How was he known in the Press?

  • 2005 - Which plane, the world's largest commercial passenger jet, was unveiled in Toulouse?

January  19th

General Robert E Lee
Edgar Allen Poe
Neon Tubes
Dolly Parton
Indira Gandhi
Volkswagen Beetle
  • 1807 - Which Confederate general, born today, was the name of the cousins car in the Dukes of Hazzard?

  • 1809 - Which author, born today, wrote The Pit and the Pendulum and the Purloined Letter?

  • 1813 - Born today, his steel making process revolutionsied the industry?

  • 1853 - Il Trovatore (The Troubadour) debuted in Rome.  Who wrote this opera?

  • 1915 - Georges Caludes revolutionised advertising with his patent for what?

  • 1915 - Germany bombs King's Lynn and Great Yarmouth using which type of vehicle?

  • 1946 - Which singer, born today, has been in films including 9 to 5 an Steel Magnolias?

  • 1966 - The daughter of Nehru, india's first PM, becomes PM herself.  Who was she?

  • 1977 - What happened in Florida and the Bahamas for the only time in their recorded history?

  • 1978 - The 15,444,858th and last model of which car was built in Germany?

January  20th

Pearl Harbour
Aristotle Onassis
DeForest Kelley
Buzz Aldrin
Edward VIII
John F Kennedy
Gary Barlow
Will Young
Johnny Weissmuller
Terry Waite
  • 1887 - The US Senate decides which Hawaiian site will house a naval base?

  • 1906 - Born today in the Ottoman Empire, he will go on to become Jackie Kennedy's second husband?

  • 1920 - Which actor, born today, appeared in many westerns before playing 'Bones' in Star Trek?

  • 1930 - Born today, he accompanied Neil Armstrong onto the Moon in 1969?

  • 1936 - Who became King of England?

  • 1961 - The youngest President of the USA is sworn in.  Who was he?

  • 1971 - Who, born today, is the lead singer of Take That and appeared in 3 series of The X Factor?

  • 1979 - Which singer, born today, won the inaugural series of Pop Idol?

  • 1984 - Which Olympic gold medallist, who went on to play Tarzan, died today?

  • 1987 - The Archbishop of Canterbury's special envoy is kidnapped in Beirut.  Who was he?

January  21st

Monte Carlo
Telly Savalas
Paul Scofield
Vladimir Lenin
20000 Leagues Under the Sea
  • 1824 - Thomas Jackson, a Confederate General in the American Civil War is born.  What was his nickname?

  • 1899 - Adam Opel's sewing machine company produces it's first what?

  • 1911 - Prince Albert I stages the first running of which annual rally?

  • 1922 - Which actor, born today, was best known for portraying Kojak?

  • 1922 - Which actor, born today, won an Oscar for A Man for All Seasons in 1966?

  • 1924 - The first head of the Soviet Union died today.  Who was he?

  • 1931 - Sir Isaac Isaacs became the first native born Governor-General of which country?

  • 1954 - The USS Nautilus is launched.  Which book was it's name borrowed from?

  • 1968 - A B-52 carrying nuclear weapons crashed at Thule Air Force Base in which country?

  • 1976 - Commercial flights of which aircraft began between Paris - New York and London - Bahrain?

January  22nd

Rorke's Drift
Queen Victoria
Robert E Howard
Ramsay MacDonald
Radio Commentary
Mike Hawthorn
Boeing 747
Heath Ledger
  • 1506 - The first contingent of guards arrive from which country to guard the Vatican?

  • 1879 - 150 British troops successfully defended their mission station from 3-4000 Zulu warriors where?

  • 1901 - Which British monarch, the longest serving before Elizabeth II, died on the Isle of Wight?

  • 1906 - Which author, born today, was best known for his Conan series?

  • 1924 - The first Labour PM in Britain is elected.  Who was he?

  • 1927 - Arsenal played Sheffield United and Teddy Wakeham conducted the first what?

  • 1959 - Who was the UKs first F1 world champion, who died today in a car accident on the Guildford bypass?

  • 1970 - Which plane entered commercial service with a PanAm flight from JFK to Heathrow?

  • 1973 - The US Supreme Court delivers it's verdict in Roe vs Wade, legalising what?

  • 2008 - Which Australian actor died of a prescription drug induced heart attack?

January  23rd

John Hancock
Arthur Guinness
Spion Kop
Anna Pavlova
Edvard Munch
Milton Keynes
Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
Madeline Allbright
  • 1368 - Zhu Yuanzhang ascends the Chinese throne, beginning which 300 year dynasty?

  • 1736 - Who, born today, signed the Declaration of Independence and is now a slang  word for signature?

  • 1803 - Which brewer, who died today, set up a business on a 900 year lease on St James' Gate in Dublin?

  • 1900 - The site of which battle in the Boer War had it's name borrowed for stands in some football stadiums

  • 1932 - Which ballerina, who died today, had a dessert named after her on a tour Down Under in the 20s?

  • 1944 - Which artist, who died today, painted the inspiration for the killer's masks in the Scream movies?

  • 1957 - Walter Morrison sold the rights to his flying disc to the Wham-O toy company, who called it what?

  • 1967 - Which new town was founded in England with a planning brief to become a city of 250,000 people?

  • 1986 - Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly were among the first inductees to what?

  • 1997 - Who was appointed the first female Secretary of State in the USA?

January  24th

Anna Nicole Smith
Robert Baden-Powell
Sharon Tate
Arthur Miller
Winston Churchill
Rebecca Romero
L Ron Hubbard
Homeland Security
  • 41 - Which eccentric Roman Emperor was killed by his guards, who replaced him with his uncle Claudius?

  • 1862 - Which city is proclaimed the capital of Romania?

  • 1905 - J Howard Marshall is born.  Which model did he marry when he was 89 years old?

  • 1908 - Who organised the first Boy Scout troop?

  • 1943 - Born today, which actress was murdered by the Manson family in 1969?

  • 1961 - Which famous playwright was divorced by Marilyn Monroe?

  • 1965 - Which British PM died today, the 70th anniversary of the death of his father?

  • 1980 - Which athlete, born today, became the first Briton to compete at the Olympics in 2 different sports?

  • 1986 - Who, with the first name Lafayette and the founder of Scientology, died today?

  • 2003 - Which new government department was created in the US in response to the 9/11 attacks?

January  25th

Anne Boleyn
Falkland Islands
Wedding March
Dean Jones
Al Capone
Idi Amin
Social Democratic Party
Fanny Blankers-Koen
Demis Roussos
  • 1533 - Henry VIII secretly marries his second wife.  Which one was that?

  • 1765 - Port Egmont, the first British settlement on which island group, was founded?

  • 1858 - Which piece of music by Mendelssohn was played for the time at Queen Victoria's wedding? 

  • 1924 - The first Winter Olympics open, in which French resort?

  • 1931 - Which actor, born today, was best known for the Herbie movies, starting with The Love Bug in 1968?

  • 1947 - Which former gangster died, 15 years after being imprisoned for tax evasion?

  • 1971 - Milton Obote, President of Uganda, is overthrown by whom?

  • 1981 - Shirley Williams, David Owen, Bill Rodgers & Roy Jenkins state their intention to form which party?

  • 2004 - Which Dutch athlete, who died today, womn 4 Gold Medals at the 1948 London Olympics?

  • 2015 - Which Greek singer, who died today, was best known for Forever and Ever?

January  26th

Paul Newman
Eddie Van Halen
Andrew Ridgeley
Nelson Rockefeller
Paul the Octopus
Libby Lane
  • 1788 - Arthur Philip lands at Port Jackson in which country, still commemorated as their National Day?

  • 1885 - Charles Gordon, Governor General of Sudan, was killed in which city?

  • 1905 - The largest diamond ever was discovered in Pretoria, weighed 3106 carats and was called what?

  • 1924 - St Petersburg has it's name changed to what by the Soviet Government?

  • 1925 - Which actor, born today, won an Oscar for The Color of Money?

  • 1955 - Which guitarist, born today, founded Van Halen with his brother Alex?

  • 1963 - Born today in Surrey, he was George Michael's partner in Wham!?

  • 1979 - Which Governor of New York became Vice President when Gerald Ford took over from Nixon?

  • 2008 - Born today in Weymouth, he famously predicted the results of several games at 2010 World Cup?

  • 2015 - Who was ordained today by the Church of England, their first female bishop?

January  27th

Lewis Carroll
National Geographic
Thomas Crapper
Apollo 1
Vietnam War
Andre the Giant
  • 1756 - Which composer was born today in Salzburg?

  • 1832 - Charles Dodgson, born today and author of The Taming of the Snark was better known how?

  • 1888 - Founded today as a non-profit scientific and educational institute, whose logo is a yellow rectangle?

  • 1910 - Which plumber, widely but inaccurately believed to have invented the flush toilet, died today?

  • 1944 - The 900 day siege of which Russian city was lifted today?

  • 1945 - The Red Army liberated Auschwitz, in which modern day country?

  • 1967 - Three astronauts were killed in a fire before take-off of which mission to the Moon?

  • 1973 - The Paris Peace Accords were signed, ending which conflict?

  • 1980 - The 'Canadian Caper' saw 6 diplomats escape Iran.  Which film told their story?

  • 1993 - Which huge wrestler, who died today, played Fezzik in The Princess Bride?

January  28th

Henry VIII
8 mph
Guantanamo Bay
Coast Guard
Acker Bilk
The Goon Show
  • 814 - The first Holy Roman Emperor died of pleurisy.  Who was he?

  • 1547 - Which English monarch died, being succeeded by his 9 year old son, Edward VI?

  • 1896 - Walter Arnold became the first driver to be convicted of speeding.  How fast was he going?

  • 1909 - US troops leave Cuba, apart from which naval base?

  • 1915 - Which new branch of the US Armed Forces was created today?

  • 1929 - Born today in Somerset, this clarinettist is best known for Stranger on the Shore?

  • 1958 - Which company patented the design of their brick?

  • 1958 - The final episode of which classic radio comedy was broadcast today?

  • 1965 - Which country chose a flag depicting part of a tree to replace the Union Jack?

  • 1986 - Which space shuttle exploded 73 seconds into it's flight, killing all 7 astronauts?

January  29th

William McKinley
The Raven
Crimean War
Anton Chekhov
Germaine Greer
Katherine Ross
Oprah Winfrey
Take a Hat-Trick
  • 1819 - Stamford Raffles landed on which island, where he later founded a trading post?

  • 1843 - Who born today, was the US Presdident that Mt Denali was renamed after for many years?

  • 1845 - Edgar Allen Poe published his first story.  What was it called?

  • 1856 - Queen Victoria established the Victoria Cross, during which war?

  • 1860 - Which Russian playwright, born today, composed The Cherry Orchard and Uncle Vanya?

  • 1925 - Born today in Azerbaijan, what role did Tofik Bakeramov play in the 1966 World Cup Final?

  • 1937 - Born today in Melbourne, whose first book was The Female Eunuch in 1970?

  • 1940 - Which actress, born today, played Etta Place in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?

  • 1954 - Which TV personality, born today, is the CEO of Harpo Productions?

  • 2006 - India's Irfan Pathan becomes the first cricketer to do what in the first over of a Test Match?

January  30th

Charles I
Oliver Cromwell
Menai Straits
Franklin Roosevelt
Mahatma Gandhi
Percy Thrower
Phil Collins
The Beatles
Bloody Sunday
Christian Bale
  • 1649 - Which English King was decapitated today?

  • 1661 - Who, having ordered that 1649 execution, was himself ritually executed 2 years after his death?

  • 1826 - The suspension bridge connecting Wales to Anglesey opened, crossing which waterway?

  • 1882 - Which man, born today, became the only US President to win 4 elections?

  • 1908 - Which Indian was released from prison in South Africa, 40 years to the day before being assassinated

  • 1913 - Who, born today, was best known as the Blue Peter gardener?

  • 1951 - Which musician, bon today, was originally the drummer in Genesis?

  • 1969 - Which band's final live performance, on the roof of their record company, was broken up by police?

  • 1972 - British paratroopers opened fire on unarmed marchers in Derry.  How is that day known?

  • 1974 - Which actor, born today in Haverfordwest, played Batman in 3 movies?

January  31st

  • 1606 - Who was executed, having tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament?

  • 1846 - Juneautown and Kilbourntown combined to form which Wisconsin city?

  • 1865 - US Congress passes the 13th Amendment, abolishing what?

  • 1931 - Which runner, born today, was the very first BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

  • 1941 - Born today in America, which actress co-wrote Fawlty Towers with her then husband John Cleese?

  • 1968 - Nauru gained independence from which country?

  • 1973 - Which Australian, born today, appearedin Ally McBeal and is now married to Ellen DeGeneres?

  • 1983 - Which new safety measure came into force for British drivers?

  • 1990 - McDonalds opened a symbolic first restaurant in which city?

  • 2010 - Which James Cameron film became the first to gross over $2 billion?

Guy (Guido) Fawkes
Chris Chataway
Connie Booth
Portia DeRossi
Compulsory Seat Belt

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