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Connections - Somewhere Old, Somewhere New

  • Which houses fought the Wars of the Roses?

  • Which actress is best known for playing Fleur in The Forsyte Saga and Molly in Monarch of the Glen?

  • The Toltecs and the Mayans were primarily based in which modern day country?

  • Lily Langtry, Henry Cavill, Harry Vardon and Graeme LeSaux were all born where?

  • What did the Romans call Scotland?

  • Joan of Arc was known as the Maid of where, having helped lift their siege during the Hundred Years War?

  • Middelburg and Vlissingen are towns in which Dutch province?

  • The bands Feeder, Stereophonics and Manic Street Preachers are from which British region?

  • Jura is an island in which chain?

  • Which football club play home games at Gigg Lane?

York and Lancaster
Susan Hampshire
South Wales
New Lancaster is a tiny town in Kansas, New Caledonia are French islands in the Pacific and New Hebrides are now called Vanuatu

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