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Really, Me Too! - 1

  • British, Emmy award winning Bond girl and one of Henry VIIIs wives?

  • Radio 2 DJ and a distiller who began selling whisky in his shop in the 1800s

  • A living BBC rugby commentator and a dead ITV football commentator?

  • Record breaking England batsman and presenter of the longest running speech radio show in the world?

  • An actor, famous for playng a policeman and an ex Jamaican FIFA official embroiled in a bribery scandal?

  • The best actor never to win an Oscar and the explorer who brought the Kama Sutra to England?

  • Singer and the title of a Henry Fielding novel?

  • Left handed snooker player and one of the Great Train Robbers?

  • A dead, white, American, Oscar-nominated actor and a living, black, British, Oscar-winning director?

  • The protagonist in a film series and the ornithologist who wrote Birds of the West Indies in 1936?

Jane Seymour
Johnnie Walker
Brian Moore
Alistair Cook(e)
Jack Warner
Richard Burton
Tom Jones
Jimmy White
Steve McQueen
James Bond

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