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Science & Nature - 1

  • Do Polar Bears live at the North or South Pole?

  • Which grade of gold is 75% gold, 16% silver and 9% copper?

  • Which word describes a horse that's black and white?

  • Which sport related term is the common name for lateral epicondylitis?

  • Which bird, native to the Andes, is the world's largest bird of prey?

  • What is oology the study of?

  • A squab is the young of which creature?

  • Which is the only muscle in a human male that is not joined at both ends?

  • How are the Aurora Australis better known?

  • Around which type of natural phenomenon might you find a pyroclastic flow?

18 carat
Tennis Elbow
Birds Eggs
Southern Lights
The North Pole is in the Arctic, named from the Greek word Arktos, which means bear. Arctic and Antarctic literally mean bears and no bears

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