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Connections - Birds

  • Which England off-spinner finished his career with over 350 international wickets?

  • Which character did Jodie Fotsre play in Silence of the Lambs?

  • Which golfer won the US Open in 1992 and captained the Ryder Cup team in 1997?

  • What was the name of William Wordsworth's house in Grasmere in the Lake District?

  • Complete the motto of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute - Let not the deep......

  • Who was Tony Blair's first Foreign Secretary when Labour returned to power in 1997?

  • What was author Julian Barnes 1984 novel about an elderly doctor who focuses obsessively on Gustave Flaubert?

  • Which character, played by Frank Thornton, was a floor walker at Grace Brothers?

  • Which member of the cuckoo family is the state bird of New Mexico?

  • What links novelist Jack Higgins and the Apollo 11 moon landing?

Graeme Swann
Clarice Starling
Tom Kite
Dove Cottage
Swallow Me Up
Robin Cook
Flaubert's Parrot
Captain Peacock
The Eagle Has Landed
The Eagle has landed was a novel by Jack Higgins and the code phrase signalling a successful landing on the Sea of Tranquility

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