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Connections - Blowin' in the Wind

  • Who were the last British act to win the Eurovision Song Contest?

  • Who is 6th in line to the throne?

  • Which film, co-starring Michael Caine, was Julie Walters' feature film debut?

  • Which cartoon character has the maiden name Slaghoople and is married to fred?

  • Who was the first British winner of the US Masters?

  • What were Starburst chewy sweets originally called?

  • What was President Dwight D Eisenhower's nickname?

  • Which Czech coached Andy Murray to two grand slams and an Olympic gold?

  • Which character did David Hasselhoff play in Baywatch?

  • Whose TV series have included On Food, On Fish and On France?

Katrina & the Waves
Prince Andrew
Educating Rita
Wilma Flintstone
Sandy Lyle
Opal Fruits
Ivan Lendl
Mitch Buchanan
Keith Floyd
Keith and Floyd were both retired

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