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Connections - Going to the Dogs

  • The seeds of which flower were used by ancient Egyptians for pain relief as they contain morphine and codeine?

  • Which character has been played on film by both Michael Caine and Jude Law?

  • Whose statue, in Grafton St, Dublin, is known locally as the Tart with the Cart and the Trollop with the Scollops?

  • Which actor's real name is Carlos Estevez?

  • Which Welsh entertainer's We All Had Doctor's Papers is the only comedy album to reach number 1 in the UK?

  • What is the name of the lead female character in the Twilight films, played by Kristen Stewart?

  • Which girl's name is featured in songs by the Rolling Stones, Kenny Rogers and the Kaiser Chiefs?

  • Which fast food chain was founded in Bristol in 1988?

  • Who had marriage proposed by Michael, who couldn't afford a carriage, but did own a tandem?

  • Who were the two rag dolls that lived on a Birmingham narrow boat in a Children's ITV series?

Molly Malone
Charlie Sheen
Max Boyce
Bella Swan
Miss Millie's
Rosie and Jim

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