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Connections - Trees

  • Which actress appeared in Fairy Liquid ads aged 4 and played Steph in Quadrophenia?

  • Which number one duet was sung by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder?

  • Roy Keane, Danny LaRue and Graham Norton all hail from which city?

  • Which fashion company was founded in Somerset by Roger Saul and his mother Joan in 1971?

  • Which Tory MP is often compared to a Vulcan in the press and famously failed to sing the Welsh National anthem?

  • Who has directed all 4 Transformers movies?

  • Which phrase describes passing a football between an opponents legs and collecting it again behind them?

  • Which series of movies feateured Freddy Krueger, a protagonist who kills people in their dreams?

  • Which Archbishop of Canterbury married Prince William and Catherine Middleton in April 2011?

  • Which US ski resort was originally a silver mining town founded on the Roaring Fork river?

Leslie Ash
Ebony and Ivory
John Redwood
Michael Bay
Nightmare on Elm Street
Rowan Williams

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