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Colours Theme Quiz Example - YELLOW

1968 to 1973
Canary Islands
Colonel Mustard
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
The Man with the Golden Gun
  • What is the lowest possible total clearance in a frame of snooker?

  • Which James Bond film has the most words in it's title?

  • When did having a yellow rear number plate become a legal requirement in the UK?

  • Which group of islands is named from the latin for Isle of Dogs?

  • Which volcanic region, covering 2.2 million acres of Wyoming was declared the world's first National Park in 1872?

  • What is the yellow piece in a game of Cluedo called?

  • John Ford directed the Cavalry trilogy of westerns with which film in the middle of Fort Apache and Rio Grande?

  • Yellowcake is a step in the processing of which metal's ore?

  • Which African country was formerly called the Gold Coast?

  • Which Texan city is named from the Spanish word for yellow?

The snooker is 15 reds, 15 yellows plus the colours. Number plate was advisory from 68, mandatory from 73. Isle of Dogs traded with Canary Islands, hence the link.
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