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The Missing Link - 36

  • Which group's Nights in White Satin only reached No19 in the chart on it's original release in 1968?

  • Which film did the band McFly take their name from?

  • Abyssinian, Norwegian Forest and Manx are all breeds of what?

  • Who was the first son of a Formula 1 World Champion to win the F1 World Championship?

  • Which comedian's DVDs include Live at the Bolton Albert Halls and Live at the Top of the Tower?

  • Which company, now most famous for shaving products, only stopped producing swords in 2005?

  • Who was England's football manager between Don Revie and Bobby Robson?

  • Katie Holmes was the only cast member to appear in all 128 episodes of which cult TV show?

  • Which two boxers named 'Sugar Ray' have won world titles?

  • What's the link between the previous answers?

Moody Blues
Back to the Future
Damon Hill
Peter Kay
Wilkinson Sword
Ron Greenwood
Dawson's Creek
Rugby World Cup winners
Lewis Moody, Neil Back, Mike Catt, Richard Hill, Ben Kay, Jonny Wilkinson, Will Greenwood, Matt Dawson, Jason Robinson, Jason Leonard all won the 2003 Rugby World Cup

The Missing Link - 37

  • James I+II, Charles I+II, Mary II and Queen Anne were monarchs from which house?

  • Which Australian musical comedian co-wrote the stage musical version of Roald Dahl’s Matilda?

  • What’s the dog called in The Magic Roundabout?

  • Which Cumbrian town produces a peppermint tablet popular with mountaineers for it’s high energy content?

  • Which is the only surname shared by more than one actor to play Doctor Who?

  • Which character has Kevin Whateley now played in over 60 2 hour episodes?

  • Which company’s worldwide headquarters are at Dearborn, Michigan?

  • Who was captain of the England Ladies Cricket team for 10 years from 2006?

  • Which rock star performs with the E Street Band?

  • What's the link between the previous 9 questions?

Tim Minchin
Kendal (Mint Cake)
Baker (Tom & Colin)
Charlotte Edwards
Bruce Springsteen
BBC Newsreaders
Moira Stuart, Louise Minchin, Robert Dougall, Kenneth Kendall, Richard Baker, Martyn Lewis, Anna Ford, Huw Edwards, Fiona Bruce all are or were BBC TV Newsreaders

The Missing Link - 38

Crystal Gayle
Monty Python & The Holy Grail
Chief Whip
Indiana Jones
Shirley Temple
(3rd) Crusades
  • Which child star of the 30s was later US Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia?

  • Which conflict saw Richard the Lionheart lead the Christian forces against Saladin’s Saracens?

  • Which country singer, born Brenda Webb, is most famous for Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?

  • The Hoover Dam was originally named after which Nevada city?

  • Steven Spielberg’s Oscar winning film was based on Thomas Keneally’s novel.  The book however wasn’t called Schindler’s List but Schindler’s………?

  • Which felt hat, creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched near the front, got it’s name from a Sarah Bernhardt play from 1882?

  • Copperhead, Mamba and Sidewinder are types of what?

  • Which film parody of King Arthur’s search for a religious artefact includes the Knights who say Ni and the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch?

  • Which Government post did Andrew Mitchell hold when he tried to take his bike through the gates of Downing St?

  • What's the link between the previous 9 questions?

Indy wears a fedora, carries a whip, is scared of snakes, finds the Holy Grail and is chased by a Boulder. The other words are from the film titles

The Missing Link - 39

  • Which adjective, beginning with A, means being perceptive or shrewd, having insight or acumen?

  • Which long established military technique involves attacking unsuspecting enemies from a concealed position?

  • Which adjective, beginning with V, means keenly alert to danger or trouble?

  • What is the literal English translation of the French term avant-garde?

  • What was the sub-title of the third Die Hard movie, starring Samuel L Jackson?

  • Which adjective, beginning with T, can mean cutting, incisive and forthright, sharply defined and distinct?

  • Which English borough is known as the English Riviera?

  • Paul Potts was the first winner of which TV show?

  • Which motorcycle manufacturer has a model called the Bonneville?

    What's the link between the previous 9 questions?

With a Vengeance
Britain's Got Talent
HMS Astute, HMS Ambush, HMS Vigilant, HMS Vanguard, HMS Vengeance, HMS Trenchant, HMS Torbay, HMS Talent & HMS Triumph are British nuclear submarines

The Missing Link - 40

  • Which theatre producers London musicals have included Cats, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Kinky Boots and Hamilton?

  • What was Diana Rigg’s character called in The Avengers?

  • What is the name of the charitable organisation committed to prison or penal reform?

  • Which tourist attraction was built in an exhausted clay pit 3 miles from St Austell?

  • Which city house the Dutch parliament, as well as the International Court of Justice?

  • How are golf’s Masters, US Open, The Open and the US PGA collectively known?

  • How was the capital city Harare known, when Zimbabwe was still called Rhodesia’?

  • Which song includes the line ‘The morning sun when it’s in your face really shows your age’?

  • Which Australian actor starred in A Knight’s Tale and Brokeback Mountain before dying, aged 28, of a prescription drug intoxication?

    What's the link between the previous 9 questions?

Cameron Mackintosh
Emma Peel
Howard League
Eden Project
The Hague
Major Championships
Maggie May
Heath Ledger
Conservative Leaders
David Cameron, Robert Peel, Michael Howard, Anthony Eden, William Hague, John Major, Lord Salisbury, Theresa May & Ted Heath have all led the Tory party
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