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The Missing Link - 11

  • Which quadrennial event began in Chamonix in 1924?

  • In which month was VE Day, which formally marked the surrender of Nazi Germany?

  • Who was the other half of the Carpenters alongaide his sister Karen?

  • What is Paddy Ashdown's real first name?

  • Angela Lansbury played which character in 264 episodes of Murder She Wrote?

  • Which Gloucestershire batsman holds the England record for most Test double centuries, with 7?

  • Who captained the European Ryder Cup team at the 'Battle of Brookline' in 1999?

  • Which children's book, by Clive King, is about a caveman who lives in a chalk pit near Barney's garden?

  • Which artist won the first series of American Idol in 2002?

  • What links the previous answers?

Winter Olympics
Jessica Fletcher
Wally Hammond
Mark James
Stig and the Dump
Kelly Clarkson
Top Gear
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May & The Stig presented Top Gear until 2015. Jessica is the name of the theme tune

The Missing Link - 12

  • Which sci-fi writer was born in Minehead in 1917, wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey and was known as the ‘Prophet of the Space Age’?

  • Which charity has been running The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning since 1991 as well as the Longest Day Golf Challenge?

  • Whose severed ear led to a war between Britain and Spain from 1739 to 1748?

  • What is the Army equivalent of Lieutenant Commander or Squadron Leader?

  • Carla Bruni, Hans Moretti and Clive Dunn all have a surname that means what?

  • Which character did Tim McInerney play in Blackadder Goes Forth?

  • What was the name of Queen Victoria’s residence on the Isle of Wight, where she died in 1901?

  • Which Welsh actor played James Bond in 2 films?

  • Which number does the left wing in Rugby Union?

  • What's the link between the previous 9 questions?

Arthur C Clarke
Macmillan Cancer Support
Captain Darling
Osborne House
Timothy Dalton
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Ken Clarke, Harold MacMillan, Roy Jenkins, John Major, Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, George Osborne and Hugh Dalton all UK Chancellor, based at No 11 Downing Street.

The Missing Link - 13

  • Which film was the first to star Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones?

  • Which Scottish folk rock band had a 1973 hit with Stuck in the Middle with You?

  • The most populous sub-species of tiger is named after which Indian state?

  • The Swallow Sidecar Company, founded by Sir William Lyons in 1922, chose which new name after the war when being known as the SS Company was no longer desirable?

  • Which Australian media mogul introduced coloured clothing and white balls in his World Series Cricket?

  • Whose books include A Walk in the Woods, Mother Tongue and One Summer – America 1927?

  • Vincent Nichols joined Cormac Murphy-O’Connor as a British what in February 2014?

  • Which nickname is shared by Northampton Rugby and Southampton Football clubs?

  • The Sharks are opposed by which gang in West Side Story?

  • What's the link between the previous 9 questions?

Raiders of the Lost Ark
Stealer's Wheel
Kerry Packer
Bill Bryson
American Football Teams
Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, New York Jets

The Missing Link - 14

  • Who played Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies?

  • Which French woman is head of the International Monetary Fund?

  • Which 1996 song by the Prodigy, their first No1 single, was controversial due to it’s violent lyrics?

  • Which word can describe a group of trees, an area of a stadium or a partnership in cricket?

  • What is the medical term for an inability to fall asleep or stay asleep as long as desired?

  • Which offshoot of Daimler cars was named after the daughter of the founders friend?

  • We’d write 10/4/71 for 10th April 1971 in the UK.  How would Americans write the date JFK was assassinated?

  • Which children’s book by E Nesbit was the first in the Psammead Trilogy and was followed by The Phoenix and the Carpet & The Story of the Amulet?

  • In which film did Tim Robbins and Morgan Freemanplay prison inmates?

    What's the link between the previous 9 questions?

Carrie Fisher
Christine Lagarde
5 Children and It
Shawshank Redemption
Stephen King stories
Carrie, Christine, Firestarter, The Stand, Insomnia, It, Mr Mercedes and 11/22/63 are all novels, while the Shawshank Redemption was one of the stories in Four Past Midnight

The Missing Link - 15

  • What did Robinson Crusoe christen the native he encountered in the 24th year of his shipwreck?

  • Which Boomtown Rats song was about a 16 year old girl who went on a shooting spree in 1979.   The title of the song is the reason she gave?

  • Which football team play their home games at Hillsborough?

  • What was Sir Frank Whittle’s most famous invention?

  • For the manufacture of which material are the towns of Calais, Chantilly and Honiton famous?

  • Where did the Light Brigade charge in the first verse of Tennyson’s poem?

  • In which street did the Great Fire of London begin?

  • Which piece of everyday office equipment produces waste known as chads?

  • What is the name of the only clean shaven member of ZZ Top?

    What's the link between the previous 9 questions?

Man Friday
I Don't Like Mondays
Sheffield Wednesday
Jet Engine
Death Valley
Pudding Lane
Hole Punch
Frank Beard
All can be preceded by black, except the colour jet black - Black Lace sang 'Agadoo', Black Holes are in space, Blackbeard was a pirate
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