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Geography 2

  • Which is the only US state named after an English county?

  • Which is the largest US city named after a British Prime Minister?

  • Which is the only city to straddle two continents?

  • The Dominican Republic shares an island with which other country?

  • Which island is called Rapa Nui in the local dialect?

  • Name either of the countries whose name begins with an 'S' and has a sword or sabre on their flag?

  • In which US state is Mt St Helens, the volcano that suffered a major eruption in 1980?

  • After Reykjavik, which European capital is furthest west?

  • If you list the 15 countries that made up the USSR in alphabetical order, which would be last?

  • Which is the only letter of the alphabet not used in the name of a US state?

New Hampshire
Easter Island
Saudi Arabia/Sri Lanka
Pittsburgh was named after William Pitt. There is a J in New Jersey, an X in New Mexico and a Z in Arizona

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