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Nil Desperandum

  • Which common Latin phrase means 'And the rest'?

  • What, usually known by it's initials, means Course of Life?

  • What's the Latin for 'Not in Control of the Mind'?

  • Which phrase, favoured by Rbin Williams in Dead Poet's Society, means 'Seize the Day'?

  • What was Hannibal Lecter's request, when he wanted something in return for his assistance?

  • Which Latin term meaning dark chamber is an optical device used in drawing and the source of a common modern term?

  • Which Latin phrase, part of a common medical term, means 'In Glass'?

  • What does the phrase Exempli Gratia mean?

  • Which Latin term means 'Great Charter'?

  • Which 3 words complete the phrase that Wilfrid Owen borrowed for his War poem, Dulce et Decorum Est.....?


Et Cetera
Curriculum Vitae
Non Compos Mentis
Carpe Diem
Quid Pro Quo
Camera Obscura
In Vitro (Fertilisation)
For Example (eg)
Magna Carta
Pro Patria Mori

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