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Cricket 1

  • Who captained England to their World Twenty20 title in 2010?

  • There have been 3 double centuries in ODI matches, all scored by batsmen from which country?                  

  • Which South African holds the record for most Test Man of the Match awards, with 23?                 

  • And who holds the England record, with 12?  

  • Which Test cricketer played in FIFA World Cup qualifiers for Antigua in 1978?

  • Who is the only batsman to score a century in both innings of his 100th Test match? 

  • Who is the only batsman, other than Don Bradman to score 10 or more Test double centuries?                    

  • Which coach died during the 2007 World Cup in the Caribbean, sparking a murder enquiry?  

  • Who has played the most Test matches for England?   

  • If the first 10 balls of an innings result in the batsman being bowled, which no. batsman will be not out?

  • 1,3,4,5,6 and 7 while 2 watches from the other end.They change ends and 2,9,10 and 11 are bowled while No 8 is the non striker.

Paul Collingwood
Jacques Kallis
Ian Botham
Viv Richards
Ricky Ponting
Kumar Sangakkara
Bob Woolmer
Alistair Cook
No 8

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