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  • Who won the 2015 US Masters?

  • Who is the current coach of the England cricket team?

  • Who was the last non UK winner of the World Snooker Championship?

  • Who presents Only Connect on BBC2 and has won two European Tour main events at poker?

  • Ignoring any 'light' or 'super', Floyd Mayweather Jr has won world titles at which 4 weights?

  • Where was the 2015 Rugby World Cup Final held?

  • Who is the Bristol snowboarder who won GBs first ever Winter Olympics medal on snow, in Sochi?

  • Which 3 British athletes won gold on Super Saturday at the London Olympics?

  • Who was made a Dame after winning swimming and cycling medals at 6 Paralympic Games?

  • Who are the only 5 teams to have beaten England in a knock out game at a FIFA World Cup Finals?

Jordan Spieth
Trevor Bayliss
Neil Robertson
Victoria Coren-Mitchell
Feather, Light, Welter, Middle
Jenny Jones
Rutherford, Ennis, Farah
Sarah Storey

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