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Golf 1

  • In which US state is Augusta, home of the US Masters?

  • What is a score of 3 under par on a single hole called?

  • Whihc course has hosted the most Open Championships?

  • Which major tournament began life as a matchplay tournamennt?

  • Who has finished 2nd six times in the US Open but never won?

  • Post World War II, what is the only surname shared by more than one major winner?

  • Who was the last golfer before Rory and Jordan to win back to back major championships?

  • Which course is the only one outside the UK to have hosted the Ryder Cup?

  • Who played the winning shot at the 2014 Ryder Cup?

  • Thracian Cliffs golf course is in which country?

St Andrews
Phil Mickelson
Watson - Tom & Bubba
Padraig Harrington
Jamie Donaldson

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