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The Missing Link - 31

  • What is the chemical symbol for nitric oxide?

  • Which distress call was introduced in 1923 and come from the French for 'help me'?

  • Who is Carrie's on-off boyfriend throughout Sex and the City?

  • Which war poet's correspondence with Spike Milligan was titless Dear Robert, Dear Spike?

  • Which Yorkshire power station provides 7% of the UKs electricty but is our biggest emitter of carbon dioxide?

  • Which island is the largest section of the Florida Keys?

  • Which 1975 Steven Spielberg  film is considered the original summer blockbuster?

  • Which commentator celebrated 40 years on Test Match Special in 2014?

  • Which Hungarian born architect was responsible for Brutalist style high rise tower blocks in the 60s and 70s?

  • What links the previous 9 answers?

Mr Big
Robert Graves
Key Largo
Henry Blofeld
Erno Goldfinger
Bond Villains
Dr No, May Day, Mr Big, Gustav Graves, Hugo Drax, Emilio Largo, Jaws, Ernst Stavro Blofeld and Auric Goldfinger were all Bond villains

The Missing Link - 32

  • Which warden of New College, Oxford gave his name to reversing words or syllables, such as ‘3 cheers for the Queer Old Dean’?

  • Who sold his rights to Star Wars and Indiana Jones to Disney for $4 billion in 2012?

  • Which fictional family have been the main focus of Emmerdale since it began in 1972?

  • Which comedian’s alter-egos include Les Patterson and Dame Edna Everage?

  • What is the blue piece called in Cluedo?

  • Which song did the Pipes and Drums of the Royal Scot Dragoon Guards take to Number 1, also in 1972?

  • What relation were King Richard I and King John?

  • Which character did Honor Blackman play in Goldfinger?

  • Which two composers names are rhyming slang for a state of inebriation?

  • What's the link between the previous 9 questions?

Reverend Spooner
George Lucas
Barry Humphries
Mrs Peacock
Amazing Grace
Pussy Galore
Brahms & Liszt
Are You Being Served
Messrs Spooner, Lucas, Humphries, Capt Peacock & Miss Brahms all worked at Grace Brothers. Miss Slocombe (played by Mollie Sugden) was always talking about her pussy cat.

The Missing Link - 33

  • Which comedian presented the Netflix TV series Travels With My Father?

  • Which TV series, starring Rupert Penry-Jones, dealt with murders that replicated historical crimes in the same district of London?

  • Which London railway station is the main gateway to the West Midlands, North West and North Wales?

  • Which jockey was Flat Racing champion jockey 11 times but had his knighthood withdrawn after a criminal conviction?

  • What was introduced by William Pitt the Younger, 'temporarily' to pay for weapons and equipment for the French Revolutionary War?

  • Which Radio 2 DJ has a brother who is a stand-up comedian?

  • In which English county is Leeds Castle?

  • London’s first police force, funded in 1749 by the novelist Henry Fielding, was known by which nickname?

  • The tour to Pakistan in Dec 1977 was the first foreign tour by a team called England.  What was the touring national team called before that?

  • What's the link between the previous 9 questions?

Jack Whitehall
Lester Piggott
Income Tax
Jeremy Vine
Bow Street Runners
Marylebone Cricket Club
Whitehall, Whitechapel Rd, Euston Rd, Leicester Square, Income Tax, Vine St, Old Kent Rd, Bow St and Marylebone station are all spaces on a Monopoly board

The Missing Link - 34

  • Which 1968 musical included the songs Consider Yourself and I’d Do Anything?

  • Which MP for Camberwell and Peckham was deputy leader of the Labour Party under Brown and Miliband?

  • On which residential road is Neighbours set?

  • Which British company’s brand was voted the 2nd coolest in the world after Apple?

  • Who is the only surviving member of the BeeGees?

  • Who was the last man to successfully defend the Olympic Decathlon title?

  • Which Scotland football manager died of a heart attack at the end of a game vs Wales in 1985?

  • Which Scottish author writes the Inspector Rebus novels?

  • Which globally recognised sign originally had the additional letters LAND at the end of it?

    What's the link between the previous 9 questions?

Harriet Harman
Ramsay Street
Aston Martin
Barry Gibb
Daley Thompson
Jock Stein
Iain Rankin
TV Chefs
Jamie Oliver, Ainsley Harriott, Gordon Ramsay, James Martin, Michael Barry, Antony Worrell-Thompson, Rick Stein, Paul Rankin and Paul Hollywood are all TV chefs

The Missing Link - 35

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Dawn French
Alan Partridge
12 Days of Christmas
Maid Marian
London Calling
Dancing with the Stars
Billie Piper
  • What is the US version of Strictly Come Dancing called?

  • Which actress played Belle DeJour in The Secret Diary of a Call Girl?

  • How are Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello collectively known?

  • Who played Geraldine Granger in The Vicar of Dibley?

  • Which sport, in 2010, banned clothing above the navel (for men) and below the knee (for everybody)?

  • What do Dave Grohl, Phil Collins and Karen Carpenter have in common?

  • Which album by The Clash, ranked in the Top 10 albums of all time by Rolling Stone, had a cover design copied from Elvis Presley’s debut album?

  • Which fictional character hosted a TV and radio chat show called Knowing Me, Knowing You?

  • Which character has been played on film by Olivia deHavilland, Audrey Hepburn, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Cate Blanchett, among others?

    What's the link between the previous 9 questions?

Drummers drumming, Pipers piping, Lords leaping, Ladies dancing, Maids milking, Swans swimming, Geese laying, Gold rings, Calling birds, French hens, Turtle doves & a Partridge
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